About Us

Knowledge On Demand is both a company and a concept

The Company
Knowledge On Demand was founded by Douglas M. Towne, former Director of the Center for Cognitive Science, following several decades of government-sponsored research into human problem solving, simulation-based instruction, diagnostic reasoning, and methods for promoting learning and understanding.


The original intent of the enterprise was to assist companies in applying existing software systems in capturing, distributing, and effectively using their internal knowledge, whether that knowledge applied to the organization's products, services or procedures.


But, surprisingly, the existing systems addressing content management (CMS) and knowledge management(KM) needs were found to be seriously lacking in the basic functionality required to effectively compose, organize, and present that content. Hence, over the last three years we produced OnScreen, taking advantage of the prior decade of software development dedicated to interactive electronic technical manuals (IETMs) and more recent developments in standardization of Web content, via HTML5 and CSS, and remarkable high-resolution displays available on consumer electronic devices.

The Concept
The knowledge-on-demand concept is to provide information to the people who need it where they need it, in the form they need it, at the time they need it, and on whatever device they possess.


There are important differences between data, information, and knowledge. OnScreen was specifically designed to deliver information in a manner in which it is applicable and understandable, thereby facilitating the critical transformation of information into knowledge that is directly usable in performing tasks and making decisions.
This figure loosely illustrates the relationships among data, information, and knowledge (N Ingebrigtsen).



Data does not have context, meaning, or intent.
Information is a subset of data once it is put into context and has a purpose.
Knowledge is information that allows us to take action or make decisions. -- John Benson