Services We Provide


OnScreen is a powerful tool with a remarkable set of capabilities. We are committed to ensuring that each Onscreen installation is properly set up, and that each user is fully trained and supported in using this resource.


First, we ensure that all the required software is placed on your development computer(s) exactly as you wish. There are virtually no restrictions on where on your local computer the system is situated or what other software systems you may be using to produce text, graphics, videos, and other media. Included, of course, is a complete, interactive User's Manual, produced in OnScreen.

Every OnScreen installation begins with a two-day on-site training session. Your staff can expect to become proficient in using OnScreen by the end of the first day, and can then begin to apply OnScreen to meet your company-specific formatting and style wishes as well as cover any other topics related to the production of text, graphics, and multimedia. As appropriate, we will also work with your staff to develop an effective work-flow for converting any documentation you may already have, whether that is in hard-copy or digital form.

Each OnScreen installation provides one year of technical support. We are committed to providing responsive answers to your questions and thoughtful suggestions for meeting your company-specific requirements. We know from prior experience that there are questions that only emerge after some experience has been gained. We expect and welcome those questions, as we want to have the most faithful advocates for OnScreen that we can achieve.