Addressing Your Needs


OnScreen was designed to meet the specific needs of organizations that possess
valuable knowledge about their products, their systems, and their procedures.



Easy knowledge composition

No programming, no coding, and no advanced skills required. OnScreen is easy and enjoyable to apply. And yes, it's entirely WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get).


Seamless Integration

You can continue to use the same software and multimedia production resources you've always used. OnScreen accepts all common graphical and textual formats.


Stay in style

OnScreen is easily made to display the styles and formats you prefer. And, once defined, OnScreen styles are duplicated at will for the remainder of that document and others.


Universally accessible

Distribute your knowledge to everyone that you want to have it, regardless of their location in the world or the particular device they use. And, importantly, control access as you please.


Don't be tied to the cloud

OnScreen provides the best of both worlds: massive distribution via the Internet, when you want, and local availability on users' devices when the Internet is not available or necessary.


Effortless updating

Maintaining documentation accuracy and currency is a critical requirement that is often not effectively met. With OnScreen, you'll have the power to distribute updates and corrections with the click of a mouse.