What’s Included

Included in OnScreen Installation

What You Get

OnScreen Knowledge-base
Development System
The Basic Installation provides a license to develop OnScreen
on one station. Additional site licenses are priced at a big discount.
Tumult Hype Pro This included software supports the development of OnScreen applications.
Prototype Application A starter application provides all the built-in Onscreen functionality.
Make as many duplicates of this as you need.
Interactive User Manual This OnScreen application demonstrates each OnScreen
feature and provides detailed instruction in applying each in your documents.
Graphical Resources A set of commonly used graphical resources is provided in the Prototype
Application, to elaborate text and other graphics.
Training Our two-day, on-site training program covers every aspect of OnScreen.
Optionally, we can stay on to get your first few products off to a flying start.
Technical Support We recognize that some questions only arise after software is used
for awhile, and we stand ready to answer specific technical questions and to
give guidance in best applying OnScreen to meet your exact requirements.